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During the Covid19 pandemic, requests to perform Jeanne's work in online and video formats have grown tremendously! Use the links below to sample some of her latest work. All work remains copyrighted and requires royalty negotiation to perform. For performance rights & inquiries, click HERE.

Fruit of the Zoom by Island Stage

Featuring Jeanne's short plays Perfect Match and Zoom Reunion.

While COVID might keep us physically apart, Zoom gives us the unique opportunity to work with artists from all over. Join us for a wonderful chance to experience creative, relatable, and remote storytelling in your own home.The plays cover the spectrum from comic to mysterious to existential, so there is something for everyone.

The performances are free to watch, but donations are welcome.

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Judith comes home to find her husband in shock. Dan has had an automobile accident from which he miraculously walked away without a scratch. He should have died, and now he is looking for a rational universe. While new friends are visiting, a strange woman shows up. She is Mary, the wife of the man in the other vehicle. It soon becomes clear that she and her husband were not as ordinary as they first seem, and the mystery that surrounds them includes a bag full of cash and a secret code. Mary disappears after she is asked too many questions, and then…   the cops show up. 

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Dan - Seth Mikle; Judith - Jessica Della Pepa; Keith - Josh Morse; Bonnie - Lauren Ruth;

Mary - Charlotte Norris; Detective Dolan - Michael LeMay

Directed by Doug Bergstein                                      Technical Design by Ruth Ann Pattee

Jeanne's new short play
 performed by Theater Three on Long Island, NY
        Two women discuss love and loss during an unprecedented time of change.

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