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One Act Plays

Cast: 1 w, 1 m, 1 neutral

Genre: Drama, dark comedy

A woman travels to a rare bookshop in New Hampshire, where she and the shop owner share tea and discuss William Hazlett and the mystery of why there are so many dead squirrels on the highway. The two subjects are not as un-connected as would first appear. This conversation leads them to reveal what each knows about loss and grief.

Forest Road
William Hazlett.jpg

William Hazlitt and the Natural Correction

Produced at the Stranger Play Festival at the Off-Center Theater in Bulington, VT, 2019

Produced at the Grange Hall Cultural Center in Waterbury Center VT, 2019

Man Running in the Mist

Produced by the Depot Players, Norwich, CT, 2018

Produced for the Paragon Festival by the Other World Theatre Company, Publick Playhouse, Chicago, IL, 2016

The Rhode Island Chapter

Cast: 4 w, 2 m

Genre: dark comedy, fable/folktale, fantasy, mystery/thriller, science fiction

Fred is researching an article on Vampire hysteria in New England during previous centuries. He travels to Rhode Island where his quest is seemingly met with both skepticism and suspicion; however as he digs deeper, he finds himself held prisoner and confronted with a very different version of the legend.



Cast: 4 w, 4 m

Genre: Drama, loss & relationships

Anna is a young woman faced with many stressors. She is in a bad marriage to a man with substance abuse issues who is currently undergoing surgery.  She has recently given birth to a baby girl, and is on leave from a job at a halfway house for challenged youth. When Danny, a young schizophrenic she has worked with, comes to see her in the hospital waiting room, she becomes alarmed.  She alerts the staff at the house, but Danny goes missing. He is found dead, and it is determined that he most likely committed suicide. Anna and all those who were on varying levels responsible for his care, including his parents, must all come to terms with their guilt, their anger and their grief. They try to find balance in a way that Danny never could, but they are limited by all the ways that life defines us.

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