"Writing plays is the way I connect with the world and follow ideas to their inevitable conclusion. Every play I write is a way to find out something about who or what I am and about the world I see around me—to find out if words can really ever 'get at what they are trying to say'."

Jeanne's new play, "Love in the Time of Corona", performed by Theater Three in Long Island

is available to view for free on You Tube


Coming in February:

Four Dimensional Love, a short play festival created by Vermont Actor's Repertory Theatre

featuring Jeanne's plays Holiday Special and Perfect Match Online

February 6 & 7 at 7 pm

Check back soon for more information!

Featured Play

Click HERE between 6:45 and 7pm to watch the show performed LIVE on Zoom January 21, 22 & 23. The show runs approx. 2 hours.

There will be a Talk Back session with the cast and crew that audiences can attend on Saturday, Jan. 23, after the show.

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PLEASE NOTE: Your self video and audio will be muted upon arrival. Please do not adjust these settings. To provide the best quality viewing experience for audience and actors, we can only admit audience members up to 7:00pm.

The Story:

Judith comes home to find her husband in shock. Dan has had an automobile accident from which he miraculously walked away without a scratch. He should have died, and now he is looking for a rational universe. While new friends are visiting, a strange woman shows up. She is Mary, the wife of the man in the other vehicle. It soon becomes clear that she and her husband were not as ordinary as they first seem, and the mystery that surrounds them includes a bag full of cash and a secret code. Mary disappears after she is asked too many questions, and then…   the cops show up. 


Seth Mikle (Waterbury Center, VT)

Judith - Jessica Della Peppa (Plainfield, VT)

Keith - Josh Morse (Warren, VT)

Bonnie - Lauren Ruth (Newport, NH)

Mary - Charlotte Norris (Austin, TX)

Detective Dolan - Michael LeMay (Virginia Beach, VA)

Directed by Doug Bergstein

Technical Design by Ruth Ann Pattee


Times Argus,

January 16, 2021

"Playwright Jeanne Beckwith: ‘mischievous genius … hilariously extravagant"


Interested in producing one of Jeanne's plays? Email rialto @tds.net or call (802) 485-5636